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Afton Plastics Offers Full Product Customization for High-Performance Plastic Challenges

Afton Plastics has earned a reputation for working with customers who have especially difficult problems to solve. Not only can we help identify the right high-performance plastics for specific applications, but we have the capabilities to fabricate custom shapes. Afton Plastics offers full product customization using a variety of fillers and colors. In addition, we can provide machined parts in the tolerances to meet your needs.

Using high quality material is critical to making a high-quality machined part. As an authorized manufacturer of plastics from the most reputable names in the industry, you can count on Afton for the highest quality material for your most demanding projects.

Extruded Rods

Most of the plastics that we offer are available in extruded rods. Diameters vary by material. Many of our products can be provided in standard weld rod diameters. Glass fiber and carbon fiber, as well as, color pigment can be added to many of the extruded rods.

Customized Compression-Molded Cylinders & Rods

All of the plastics we offer can be made into compression-molded cylinders with OD/ID to meet your specifications for these near-net shapes. Most of the plastics we offer can be made into compression-molded rods.

Compression-Molded Sheets

All of the fluoropolymer plastics we offer can be made into compression-molded sheets in sizes up to 24” x 24” . We also may have remnant sheet stock in the material that you need. Call us to find out.


Glass-filled PCTFE for Specialty Applications

Afton Plastics has worked with several customers to produce glass-filled PCTFE shapes for specialty components. Afton is the sole manufacturer of glass-filled PCTFE shapes. Extruded rod, compression molded rod and cylinders are the shapes available in glass-filled PCTFE.

Although PCTFE offers nonflammability, chemical resistance, near zero moisture absorption, and excellent electrical properties, those applications called for material with better mechanical strength, greater heat-resistance, and a lower weight-to-strength ratio. Afton was able to achieve those results with the addition of up to 15% milled glass fiber to the virgin PCTFE material which is machinable but not weldable.

Applications for glass-filled PCTFE include cryogenic pump parts, discharge poppets, seals and valve bodies.

Extruded rod from .125” to 1” diameter, compression-molded rod from 1” to 1.5” diameter and cylinders in various OD/ID combinations.

Glass-fiber can also be added to PFA, FEP and ETFE materials!


Machined Parts

Afton Plastics processes high performance thermoplastics into semi-finished articles for customization in our state-of-the-art machining and fabrication center. We are vertically integrated to streamline the manufacturing process from concept to component. Our specialization in high precision, tight tolerance custom components allows for utilization in the most demanding applications.

Contact us at 800-344-7499 or

to discuss your next custom performance application.

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