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Celebrating 20 years with IAPD

The International Association of Plastics Distribution (IAPD) has created a unique business model in which manufacturers and distributors agree to work with each other in an ethical and respectful manner which supports both. When Afton Plastics was acquired by Activar, Inc, the goal was to become an IAPD manufacturer within that framework, and 20 years later, Afton remains committed to the IAPD standards of conduct.

Here are a few ways that Afton can help your business grow and help you to become a plastics expert for your customers.

Can You Help Us with Customer Support?

Our experience and trained staff provides the technical assistance you need to answer your customer’s application questions. You can count on us for additional OEM support or to schedule a joint sales call.

Will You Send Us Sales Leads?

Afton will always refer potential customers to an IAPD distributor, and not sell direct.

Where Can I Find the Most Updated Product Information?

The most current product datasheets are published on our website. As authorized manufacturers of our resin supplier’s products, we are expected to stay current on any changes and make that information available to our distributors.

What Documentation Can You Provide for Your Products?

Afton sends product certificates with every shipment and resin batch certifications upon request. Afton is committed to long-term business relationships by providing expert customer assistance and the highest quality products. Call us for a quote on your next project.


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