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Five Ways that Afton’s ISO Certification Benefits You

Afton Plastics has recently achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality management systems, an internationally-recognized standard of excellence.

Five Ways that Afton’s ISO Certification Benefits You

Five Ways that Afton’s ISO Certification Benefits You

  • Greater focus on meeting your requirements and follow through.

  • Both near-net shapes and machined parts are included in Afton’s certification.

  • Improved product consistency and quality.

  • All employees are motivated to continually improve our systems.

  • Helps you fulfill requests to use ISO-certified suppliers.


General Manager, Brandee Moshier observed, “I have seen the improvement that Afton Plastics has experienced throughout this process. It’s been an exciting transition and has resulted in improved core processes, product quality and customer satisfaction. We have always been committed to excellence but have now integrated a continuous improvement culture into our organization on every level”.


More about ISO Certification

Certification is achieved through an independent audit verifying that the organization has demonstrated effective implementation of documentation and records management, commitment to customers, establishment of clear policy, good resource management and planning, efficient process control, measurement and analysis.

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