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July 12th Price Increase Announcement

June 14, 2021

Dear Valued Customer,

Effective for all open orders shipping on or after July 12, 2021, Afton Plastics will be implementing a price increase on all products made from the following grades of material:

Daikin Neoflon® PFA as follows:

  • AP-230 (General Purpose) Up to 5%

  • AP-231SH (High Purity) Up to 5%

Chemours (DuPont) Teflon® PFA as follows:

  • 350 (General Purpose) Up to 5%

  • 440HP (High Purity) Up to 5%

  • 450HP (High Purity) Up to 5%

LNP™ Statkon® PEI Compounds as follows:

  • EE004 (20% Carbon-Filled) Up to 2%

  • EE005 (25% Carbon-Filled) Up to 2%

This price increase is due to the rising cost of the resins we process. Afton Plastics appreciates your business and continued support with our products.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Thank you!


Brandee Moshier

General Manager

Download this letter as a PDF

Afton Plastics 6-14-21 Price Increase Le
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