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PFA Weld Rod

Afton Weld Rod In Use

Afton Plastics is now offering a line of coiled PFA weld rod for fluoropolymer fabrication applications. We make it easier to use high-performance, specialty plastics by giving you the capability to fabricate with high-quality weld rod.

PFA is used in a variety of industries and is selected to fabricate fluorocarbon products with extreme thermal stability, chemical resistance, and high melt point characteristics. The primary bonding method for these type of materials with a very low coefficient of friction, is to weld using the same material.

PFA Weld Rod offers many benefits including:

  • Hot air weldable with similar tools and techniques to polypropylene

  • Allows bonding of high-value PFA materials for unique applications

  • Greater thermal stability than PTFE with a melt point of 302° C

  • Inert to industrial chemicals and solvents below the melt point

  • Stability in concentrated acids and bases

  • FDA, and USDA compliant grades available.

According to National Sales Manager, Nate Koenig:

“With the increase in applications for PFA in markets such as semiconductor and fluid handling, we predict that offering weld rod will provide fabricators the ability to expand their capabilities in high-value markets. We feel that offering PFA in a new weld rod form will close the loop on our already extensive offering of sheet, rod and custom cylinder. “

Afton will be offering PFA welding rod in three grades – 350, 450HP and AP-230, in the most common sizes for hot air welding equipment. .


Call us at (952) 881-6800 with your questions about this new product, or select the link below to download the data sheet.

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